Cactus Fibres Earrings
Cactus Fibres Earrings
Cactus Fibres Earrings
Cactus Fibres Earrings

Cactus Fibres Earrings

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By My Shoes Abroad


Real Maltese Cactus fibres Mismatched earrings on rainbow stainless steel studs.

The famous Matese prickly pear cactus can be found all over the Maltese archipelago, in Malta, Gozo and Comino for sure!

The cactus fibres are an organic material coming from dry plants and as a natural process, we don't have much control over it! You will receive something totally unique!

The rainbow studs measure approximately 13mm and they have matching rainbow metal pushback!

Each pair is one-off as no two fibres can be the same, even when they come from the same plant! The organic fibre is protected by a special transparent lacquer (not resin) that makes it shinier as the plain cactus fibres are indeed a bit.. dull!

Each pair will be made at the time of order so it can be COMPLETELY different from what you see here, please be open for surprises from the cactus and happy that you will get a unique pair like nobody else's! :)

They will arrive on a recycled paper card that (besides being a business card) can be used for storing your new baby cacti!

  • Made to order
  • Unisex style

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