Frankly Bold

      Hi, I’m Fran, a graphic designer by trade, with an abundance of empty coffee mugs and post-its to prove it. You may have seen some of my branding work on the local artisanal market scene.

      Over the years, I have made individual pieces of jewellery for my friends and kept getting requests from them. Past clients also asked me when I was going to start making jewellery again. And I guess that’s how Frankly Bold was born.

      In 2018, I decided to toy around with the idea of getting back to making statement pieces. Starting from scratch, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to create jewellery which reflected my own personal style. Following months of research and testing out various media, I found that polymer clay suited the look and feel I wanted to achieve. For the first time in a long time, I was really excited to get back into it.

      Frankly Bold was created for those that wander into the unusual, who are daring by nature and curious to experiment with the unordinary in life. Being Frankly Bold means you push the boundaries of the mundane and do not confine yourself to society’s notion of convention.