About Us

il-lokal is all about telling the success stories of Maltese and Malta-based creatives who are introducing their unique vision to the world. It started at the end of 2019 as an Instagram account and now, we are Malta’s largest online shopping platform exclusively dedicated to a diverse range of art and design products.

Day in day out, we reach out to artists, designers and creative entrepreneurs, inviting them to share their story and future ambitions with our Blog. We also collaborate with a number of contributors on articles about sustainable design, entrepreneurship and the importance of supporting your locals. 

Through our online shop, we connect makers directly with buyers who are eager to discover all that Malta’s creative talent has to offer. Our clientele are those who understand the value of incorporating unique and high-quality objects in their lifestyle. To our buyers, we offer a seamless shopping experience, and to our makers, a well-designed platform that shows their work in the best possible way. 

The individuals we are so eager to showcase are our (and your) friends, friends of friends, relatives and familiar faces whose passion and hard work make our community a more enjoyable and soulful place to live in. We want as many people out there as possible to see that, and to motivate you and them to support their initiatives.