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The Beppe Collaboration

- featured articles -

Five gifts from local brands your Dad will love!

Without a doubt, the greatest gift you can give to the Big Man in your life is your time and attention, but sometimes a small and thoughtful gift can go a long way in making him feel extra special.

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thank you followers give away

1000+ Followers giveaway. Thanks to You!

We are blown away by the support and love we receive from our Instagram followers. Thank you for being with us and endorsing our mission. We are truly proud to see so many of you appreciate Maltese and Malta-based creatives.

Let's keep it going and celebrate with the GIVEAWAY!

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Slow Fashion with Shannon Briffa il-lokal blog

Ready to Edit?

5 years ago, Shannon ditched fast fashion in favour of a more sustainable approach towards clothing. As she walked me through her wardrobe, I learned about identifying my individual style, making the most out of what I already own and making sure that what I buy in the future will be worth the purchase. 

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Mother's Day Gifts From Maltese Designers

If you don't have the perfect gift yet, here are a few affordable Mom-worthy gift suggestions from small Maltese brands we love.  

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to launch or not to launch blog post image il-lokal

To launch or not to launch? That is the question.

Businesses that were on the verge of opening pre-pandemic are facing difficult questions. While it’s time to reflect, it’s also the time to sidestep fear.

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Fashion Revolution Week 2020 Malta

Questions we're asking this Fashion Revolution Week

Every April for a week, Fashion Revolution intensifies its year-round campaigning for a more sustainable fashion industry. This year, the revolution is inviting us to ask brands #whomademyclothes and #whatsinmyclothes in an effort to raise awareness about the true human and environmental cost of fashion.

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- Interviews with The Locals -

Why it's important to support local business?

Local businesses create a process for stakeholders to exchange value. These stakeholders include staff, customers as well as the general public.
If the pandemic gobbles up many local businesses, Malta will find itself poorer and with a lot less means to reclaim the lost value.   

John Borg Barthet, Stretta Beer

We always work with small suppliers from local businesses, because it's so much nicer to speak to a person who's in love with his product, rather than a salesman forced to do a job.

Ian Schranz, Hole in the Wall

 Local businesses work with gusto. Many sell products they truly believe in. They want to inject the market with what they believe will elevate and beautify it. I like to shop local to understand the story behind the products I’m buying. When a boutique has curated each and every piece in the store it becomes a truly special place. 

Saz Mifsud

Your helping to supporting a dream ♥️

Hayley Todd, NO.43

When a customer buys a local brand, they are not only
supporting the local businesses, but their purchase is actually motivating the entrapreneur to go forward and excel.

Joanna Micallef Farrugia, Tettiera

Those are the businesses that give Malta its identity.

Tom, Mike and Alex, Cafe Society

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