BLUE MARBLE (/40) - Limited Edition Print
BLUE MARBLE (/40) - Limited Edition Print

BLUE MARBLE (/40) - Limited Edition Print

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By Gulja Holland


From A Distance Limited Edition Prints

This artwork borrows its name from the iconic image of Earth taken in 1972 by the crew of the Apollo 17 spacecraft on their way to the Moon. It forever changed our perception of our planet.

"We have been evolving from the beginning of civilization to a larger and larger perspective of life on the Earth. But the next natural evolution is understanding life in space -- that is the fact that the Earth, as Buckminster Fuller used to famously say, is a spaceship, Spaceship Earth. We are in space already."
- David Beaver, co-founder of the Overview Institute.

  • Measurements: 34 cm x 47 cm
  • Printed on high-quality Decor Smooth Art 210gsm
  • Available framed and unframed 
  • Available colours of the frames: White or Black
    (Kindly specify your preference in the Comments upon Checkout)


About the Collection

Like many millennials, the existential threats of global warming and environmental destruction are issues I worry about and reflect on regularly. The idea for this series came about upon discovering the work of Daniel Beltrá including his iconic photographs of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. In the same year, I had also discovered the gloss paintings of Australian abstract artist Dale Frank. He would often speak of his work as scientific experiments in which he established ‘’at least twelve responses and reactions that I have been able to observe and replicate on-demand’’.

While experimenting with industrial paints I observed similar entropic qualities to those Frank spoke of. The use of industrial oil paints throughout the works acts as an allegorical reference to the industrial scars caused by mankind's interference with nature, thus embodying a microcosm of the subject matter that inspired the series.

I wanted to create works that not only represented the human impact on the environment but were in themselves a document of the physical and material forces which influence the world around us. Playing with oil enamel paints and their low viscosity allowed me to mimic the biomorphic patterns of our oceans and lands as they form and un-form, dissolve, harden, wrinkle and crack.


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