Tableau ta'Malta Kwir, Fine Art Print

Tableau ta'Malta Kwir, Fine Art Print

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Tableau ta'Malta Kwir by Daniel Hintner
  • Fine Art Print on 300gsm
  • 32 x 32 cm (print) 
  • Sold framed
  • 2023
  • Auctioned framed

 'Tableau ta'Malta Kwir' is a square dimensional digitally designed artwork, based on my own experience of growing up gay in Malta, the openness of sexuality in society, and funny/harmful perceptions of queer Maltese individuals. The main design is the traditional Maltese tile, yet full of phallic symbols (highlighting how often the word ‘żobb’ is referred to in spoken Maltese despite its visual taboo). The image also includes the obvious sexual innuendos of the pastizz (vagina) and the pomegranate fruit (suggesting a ‘fruity’ or ‘gay’ personality). Olives represent purity and vitality across the Mediterranean, both the Greeks and the Romans used olive oil as a cleanser and crowned their Olympic winners with olive wreaths. Here, it is used as a contrast to the sperm/semen, a common myth that gay people are dirty or disease-ridden. The iconic Love sign from Spinola Bay is also featured, inverted and upside-down as we all know it, perhaps begging to ask the question; in a country so often revered for its outstanding LGBT+ laws, are there still certain stigmas around non-heteronormative love?

About the Artist

Daniel is an actor, theatre-maker, and somewhat of a graphic designer. He draws upon inspiration from the Malta’s patterns, symbols, and colours and is infatuated about the islands’ pasts. He is currently pursuing an acting degree at Guildford School of Acting, UK.

About the auction

  • This artwork is part of The Big Gay Art Show, a collective exhibition celebrating queer Maltese and Malta-based artists, displayed at Cafe Society in Valletta between the 7th and 30th of September 2023
  • All proceeds from the auction go to the Artist
  • The bidding increment is set at EUR 10.00
  • The silent auction auction ends on the 30th of September at 23:59
  • The winning bidder will be notified on the 1st of October 2023
  • The collection of the artwork will be available from the 3rd of October 2023 at il-lokal shop in Valletta
  • Local and international shipping will be quoted separately