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By Flixkun


'Spitfire' from the series 'Embossed'.

Spitfire takes us back to one of the most turbulent times in Maltese history during which Malta served as a military base for the Allied powers. The islands had a number of functional airfields from which a number of RAF planes used to take off to attack the Axis powers.

'Embossed' is inspired by a collection of Maltese bottles from the early 20th century and seeks to offer a glimpse of what may have been forgotten. The Maltese element drawn from the embossed designs on each bottle serves to capture a romanticised nostalgia by animating the Maltese context through simple, yet beautiful visuals.


  • Unframed
  • Print size: 42cm x 29.7cm
  • Printed on Cotton Board Acid Free 250 gsm paper

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