Lucifer The False Mother, Acrylic on wood
Lucifer The False Mother, Acrylic on wood

Lucifer The False Mother, Acrylic on wood

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Lucifer The False Mother by Nik Keter
  •  Acrylic on wood
  • 41​​ x 58 cm
  • 2023

Lucifer, the most beautiful and radiant of the angels, under the guise of a mother, lays resplendent holding a child as an accessory. It is all about them, wreathed in tiles reminiscent of almond flowers, symbols of deceit - the flowers are sweet but their fruit is bitter. False mothers prevail in a queer community where family safety and acceptance is not promised. A true mother is characterised by true acceptance; love and a willingness to sacrifice for the child - whether that be beauty, wealth, or opportunity - often not taking the form of a biological mother. False mothers hide under the veil of tolerance; a low-in-effort mockery of acceptance, making the struggle their own to claim.

About the Artist

Nik Keter (he/they) is a trans* artist, student activist and yoga teacher hailing from Mqabba. From a young age he has been heavily influenced by psychology, mythology and religion; mainly Catholic and Hindu practices, influences which still remain prevalent in their work today. His artwork emphasizes themes of archetypes; such as The Mother, The Child and The Fool, and their expression within personal queer identity, collective culture and secular rituals of the modern day, particularly within the Maltese context.

About the auction

  • This artwork is part of The Big Gay Art Show, a collective exhibition celebrating queer Maltese and Malta-based artists, displayed at Cafe Society in Valletta between the 7th and 30th of September 2023
  • All proceeds from the auction go to the Artist
  • The bidding increment is set at EUR 10.00
  • The silent auction auction ends on the 30th of September at 23:59
  • The winning bidder will be notified on the 1st of October 2023
  • The collection of the artwork will be available from the 3rd of October 2023 at il-lokal shop in Valletta
  • Local and international shipping will be quoted separately