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By Flixkun
'Cityscape' from the series 'Embossed'. 

Inspired by the bottler’s locality, this artwork takes centre stage at Valletta’s iconic Manoel Theatre. Adorned by a number of typical Maltese balconies, Cityscape also features the iconic D’Amato Records store amongst other architectural structures that tend to go unnoticed whilst strolling around our beautiful capital.

'Embossed' is inspired by a collection of Maltese bottles from the early 20th century and seeks to offer a glimpse of what may have been forgotten. The Maltese element drawn from the embossed designs on each bottle serves to capture a romanticised nostalgia by animating the Maltese context through simple, yet beautiful visuals.


  • Unframed
  • Print size: 42cm x 29.7cm
  • Printed on Cotton Board Acid Free 250 gsm paper

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