Astrid from Art of Knots

Inspired by the ample time she had on her hands while in quarantine during the pandemic, Astrid decided to begin creating and learn more about Macramé designs with cotton cords. We asked her a few questions about her inspirations, her creative work process, and what motivates her in her small business. Keep reading to find out more!


Il-lokal: Tell us about your creative background and how you started your creative journey.

Astrid: I have always been very artistic in various ways since I was little, whether it was dance school, attending art lessons, doing craft work, and eventually also experimenting in the kitchen which I love to do nowadays. 

Macramé was something that recently inspired me because of its Boho look. It had never crossed my mind that I would start creating until the first quarantine during the pandemic when I had ample time at home. After watching some tutorial videos online, inspirational boards on Pinterest, and so on, I thought of challenging myself by trying to create something. It was then that I decided to ask a friend to buy me some supplies so I could try some things out using the macramé techniques. This was where I started evolving my COVID talent and began my small business.

Il-lokal: What motivates you to be a maker/designer/artist?

Astrid: I find motivation because my product is appreciated and loved by someone else. I am also very passionate about what I do and that keeps me going.

Il-lokal: How did you develop your making skills? What was your learning path to get to where you are presently?

Astrid: I learn mostly through foreign platforms... whether it’s marketing ideas, product inspiration, techniques, tutorials, or new ideas.


Il-lokal: What’s your best piece of advice for someone who is just starting on their creative journey?

Astrid: It’s never too late to start something new!

Il-lokal: What would you say to someone intimidated by trying a new craft/creative discipline?

Astrid: If you believe in what you can do, you will succeed but it doesn’t happen overnight!

Il-lokal: How important is having an online presence (website, social media…) to showcase and promote your work? How does it work for you?

Astrid: Very important, especially social media platforms! I did not have a personal profile on Instagram or a Facebook profile until 3 years ago when I created my first business profile. Social media has become part of modern life and it’s the most effective way to promote your product or service. Unfortunately, this is the world we are living in and I find that old media is no longer effective.

Il-lokal: What’s the most memorable milestone of your creative journey?

Astrid: I must say that joining il-lokal was something I was aiming to accomplish in 2023 and it is something I did and am super happy about!

Il-lokal: Where do you find inspiration? What are your go-to sources?

Astrid: Mostly online - whenever I need to inspire myself, I look out for a new product and start experimenting taking into consideration the knowledge I have and the possibility of creating the item. I do have a favourite macramé foreign artist who I admire and who is my go-to person.


Il-lokal: Tell us about your workspace - where do you create and what tools do you use regularly?

Astrid: My current workspace used to be a spare bedroom which I partly converted into a workshop (it's a multi-functional room). My hands do all the magic together with my scissors, which I use the most.

Il-lokal: When do you work? Is there a time of day that you prefer or something that helps you work?

Astrid: Daylight is a blessing however I’m not always able to work at this time since I also have a full-time job. During the week my free time is likely to be after I settle into my daily routine.

Il-lokal:  What kind of music do you listen to while working?

Astrid: It depends on what mood I’m in. Commercial music is very unlikely though.


Il-lokal: What are some of your goals for the future?

Astrid: There’s always so much to explore and my goal will remain to keep creating, hopefully, bigger projects like large wall hangings. I do wish to grow my business but I also believe that balance is important to maintain one’s overall wellbeing. I am happy with my successful path so far; I aspire to achieve my goals while maintaining a sense of balance in life.

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