Red Coral: Willpower – Harmony - Motivation
Red Coral: Willpower – Harmony - Motivation

Red Coral: Willpower – Harmony - Motivation

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By Lime 


  • This bracelet is made to order by Lime studio in Malta
  • Made from natural stones of the highest quality
  • Due to the nature of the stones, each bracelet might vary slightly in the shape of the stones and colour
  • Each bracelet can be custom made to fit your wrist perfectly - kindly refer to the table below to choose your size 

Red Coral: Willpower – Harmony - Motivation

Red Coral has an organic origin despite being referred to as a stone.  It was once a living organism found in the ocean, called a polyp. It assists in warding off sadness and depression. With its fiery red energy, Red Coral provides strength, willpower and motivation. 

Connected to our Root Chakra, Red Coral stimulates our energy enabling us to reach our goals. It is considered a very diplomatic stone that encourages us to gain control over the emotional energies that hinder diplomacy, encouraging harmony in all our interactions. 

Red Coral instills harmony with the natural forces of the earth as well.  It helps align with natural processes that we cannot control, aiding our understanding that we are in tune with the Universe and encouraging us to resist the constant pressure we feel that we are not doing enough to reach our spiritual pursuits.  Once we understand this concept, Red Coral will help us thrive until we achieve enlightenment.

Bracelet Size  Wrist size centimeters 
S 16 cm wrist size
M 17 cm wrist size
L 18 cm wrist size (average male size)
XL 19 - 20 cm wrist size 

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