Purification Candle
Purification Candle

Purification Candle

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By Heartspace


The invigorating lavender scent calms your senses, while the white sage clusters infusion purifies the energy around you and the black tourmaline crystal gives you protection. This candle is perfect during the full moon or new moon cycle, for a new home, or if you need a simple reset.

Comes with a cotton pouch.

Creator: Sarah Grech, Mazina Candles

  • Recommended burning technique: place in your favorite room and light!
  • Burning Time I 30-40 hours
  • 40 oz

All candles from us are made with 100% vegan, natural essential oils and contain absolutely no parabens, synthetics, or toxins. We make our products safe for you to enjoy in every room of your home.


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