Let's pause for a moment from all the craziness of this year to bring back some playfulness with our very hot SALE! 

Jana Frost and il-lokal came together to present to you a very new and fun concept for buying art.

Mystery Art Week is a chance for you to get a limited edition art print by Jana Frost for an extremely cheap price! 

The most exciting part is that the print will be randomly selected for every buyer from the portfolio of 10 designs.

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Mystery Art Print

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Mystery Postcard Set

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Have you ever noticed how an unexpected flower delivery brings you more joy than buying the flowers yourself? Or how candies received as a gift always taste better? Being surprised activates the pleasure centers in our brain and gives us a nice shot of dopamine. Sounds good, isn't it?

Choose your Mystery Art pack to be part of this limited but very exciting new offer!

All Mystery Art Week offers are available only until Sunday 27 of September.

about the artist


Jana is a Belarusian/Estonian artist based in Malta who creates pop art digital collages with a strong retro influence. Her main inspirations are born from retro horror/sci fi movies, surrealism, pop culture and vintage technology, all wrapped in modern design.

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