My Name is Hellish


My work focuses mainly on flowers, nature and tattoo culture (with a serious addiction to Old school and Japanese tattoos).


My original artworks are made using a hand-carved block of linoleum. The parts of the design not to be printed are removed using gouges, while the parts to be printed are left untouched. Once the carving part is done, ink is applied on the surface of the block using a roller. A sheet of paper is then placed on the inked linoleum block and the printing is carried out by hand by applying pressure on the paper or using a manual press.


Each print is unique because it is printed by hand (or manual press). Imperfections and variations of each print make the artwork even more unique. This gives all the more authenticity and particularity to each of my works.


(N.B.: I truly believe in a more sustainable world. For this reason, my packaging is 100% plastic-free and recyclable. I'm using glassine to protect the artworks (plastic-free but still waterproof). And Kraft tape with natural rubber, also plastic-free. Envelopes and glassine can be reused.)

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