STAY SAFE AND KEEP DANCING: Interview with the creators of CHOREOMAP.

We sat down with Alicja Sosnia, Thea Cunningham and Nicoletta Pizzicotti, three emerging dancers and choreographers based in Malta, to discuss CHOREOMAP, an innovative contemporary dance project that is going to change the way you think about touch and togetherness. Inspired by the feelings of isolation, fear, uncertainty and loneliness, the project is a part of Valletta Cultural Agency’s InnovAIR Artist@Home 2020 Artist in Residence Programme. We are all invited to jump on board and participate in the creation of the interactive map of Valletta and Malta, where the only aim is to set ourselves free through dance.


Choreomap Valletta Cultural AgencyPhoto credit - Marley Lagana BLEND Malta


il-lokal: What inspired you to create this project?

CHOREOMAP: As young artists, we are facing a very difficult time right now. Limited opportunities in dance art triggered our creativity and instead of giving up, we decided to use the current situation as an inspiration. We did a brainstorming session and exchanged our ideas that combine artistic exploration of topics related to the global pandemic with the social aspect of dance. That’s how we came up with the idea of CHOREOMAP. We applied for the Residence Programme InnovAIR Artist@Home 2020 organised by Valletta Cultural Agency and our project was chosen.


il-lokal: What does the creative process look like in a project like this?

CHOREOMAP: It is definitely different than a usual choreographic process when you create a dance piece and perform it live. To be honest, at the beginning we were focused mainly on planning and instead of working in the studio on the movement material, we spent hours in front of the computer which for us dancers it is not the most pleasant activity. However, it was one of the issues that we’ve been exploring – how to create within the idea of being an artist in confinement. We managed to rehearse in the studio but most of our work happened at our houses.


Choreomap Valletta Cultural Agency

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il-lokal: One of the aims of the project is to present hidden gems of Valletta. You chose seven different venues. Was there any particular reason for your choice?

CHOREOMAP: Most of the places that we chose are associated with the topics of the choreographies which are: adaptation, fear, time perception, isolation, touch, solitude, and freedom. For instance, while working on the piece about adaptation, we decided to use water as a symbol and inspiration. That’s why we chose Wuestenwinds beach. Each venue had something to offer and as we were working with the camera, the visual effect was also significant in choosing the locations.


Photo credit - Marley Lagana BLEND Malta


il-lokal: Could you tell us more about the social aspect of the project?

CHOREOMAP: By creating a map, we would like to form a dancing community in Malta. We believe that everyone can dance, which is why we invited everyone to join our project. We asked residents of Malta to film themselves while dancing at home and send it to us so we can add them to the map. You don’t need to be a professional dancer to do this. We realise that it might seem challenging to create a dance piece. That’s why we created a few tutorials with some tips on creating the choreography which you can find on our social media. We also organised a contest on Instagram for the best video. The deadline to send us the videos is on the 15th of November. There is still time so we invite everyone to get moving. We understand that some people might be too shy to dance and make it public. But that’s the point. Get out of your comfort zone! There is nothing to be afraid of. 

If you would like to become a part of CHOREOMAP simply send us your submission.




il-lokal: What was the most challenging aspect of the project?

CHOREOMAP: Logistics. We’ve been trying to find a way to put together many of our ideas: presenting hidden gems of Valletta, exploring the topics related to the current situation, and inviting people to get involved. This multi-layered process took a lot of time in order to find the best solutions. What’s more, just before starting the process one of the dancers was under quarantine. It didn’t affect our work but it made us think, what if someone from the team got sick? Fortunately, nothing like this happened but the restrictions which were constantly changing didn’t help. We were filming mainly outside taking all the precautions but still something might have happened and we wouldn’t have been able to finish the project. It is very unsettling to create in this kind of environment.


il-lokal: When and where can we see the final result of the project?

CHOREOMAP: The final public sharing will happen on the 23rd of November on our social media. We will share the link to the map with all the videos collected from the participants. The videos we created will also be premiered on the day.  So save the date! But don’t worry if you can’t make it. We will share the link to all our videos so you can watch them whenever you want.


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CHOREOMAP is a dance project forming part of the Valletta Cultural Agency’s InnovAIR Artist@Home 2020 Artist in Residence Programme.

The aim of the project is to create an interactive map of Valletta and Malta in order to emphasise the value of contemporary dance on the island. Choreomap explores how the creative process is affected by obstacles arising from the global pandemic. It combines an artistic vision with the breathtaking heritage of Valletta.



CHOREOMAP team (from left to right):

Alicja Sosnia, Dancer and choreographer
Thea Cunningham, Dancer and choreographer
Nicoletta Pizzicotti, Dancer and choreographer
Marley Lagana - BLEND Malta, Director of photography and producer


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