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“Spread the Ink” is a fully screen-printed exhibition curated and printed by Alexandra Aquilina from ScreenGirl, Berlin. The project is a collaboration between Aquilina and a selection of 13 Maltese/Malta-based artists, illustrators, and photographers whereby she recreates their art pieces as limited edition hand-pulled art prints which are currently presented in a week long exhibition at Desko, Valletta (17.09 - 23.09.2020).

Screen-printing in fine art was popularized in the 1960s by pop artists like Corita Kent, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein. More recently, the technique saw a revival in popularity and a shift into the hands of young designers and artists with the boom of the gig poster scene in the 1980s, attributed to Frank Kozik and Lindsey Kuhn and is still a popular concept in modern times. Today screen printing is the go-to technique for many artists using a variety of different styles, whether they are printing themselves or collaborating with a printer to create a limited edition piece.

In Malta, silkscreen and art remain far apart, with only a couple of artists using this technique.

The intention behind this project was to share my skills and this fascinating technique with Maltese creatives while at the same time expanding by printer’s skill set and engaging locals into experiencing and visualizing a final screen-printed piece while also learning about the process.
- Alexandra Aquilina

The project features the artistic works of a selection of 13 Maltese or Malta-based artists, illustrators, and photographers recreated as limited edition hand-pulled art prints. The final prints, all measuring 50x70cm, vary from 2 to 5 colours and use a variety of screen printing approaches, techniques and inks. They all come in a limited edition of 10 pieces and are hand-printed, hand-numbered, hand-titled, and finished off with an embossing stamp for authenticity.
The artworks can be purchased directly at the exhibition.

The artists involved include:

Alexandra Aquilina, Magda Azab, Nigel Baldacchino, Matthew Cardona, Valentina Fyorh Attard, Chris “Sea Puppy” Jensen, Eric Leone, Illenia “Illy” Madaro, Marietta Mifsud, Pierre Portelli, Zvezdan Reljic, Steven Scicluna, and Moria Zahra.

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