Cool and il-lokal launch mobile exhibition in support of local art.


Since il-lokal started out we've been proposing teaming up as a way of making innovative ideas materialise. That’s why we’re so excited to announce our own collaboration with ride-pooling app Cool

From the 8th of September, Cool customers will be able to browse through the selection of artworks by local creatives in the ride-sharing app while they wait for their ride, and during their trip. The selection of prints picked from il-lokal’s online shop, will rotate every week for the following two months. If our mathematics isn’t failing us, that adds up to 8 unique rounds of artworks brought directly to thousands of mobile phone screens. 

We believe that this online exhibition will expose Malta’s mobile community to local creative talent in a fresh and engaging way. 

Expect to see works by: 2point3, Astrattico, Ed Dingli, Emma Fsadni, Jana Frost, Matthew CardonaMaximilian Saliba, Punchin’ Colour, Te fit-Tazza, Textpresso, and others.

Hopefully, this initiative will encourage thousands of people to appreciate the work of talented individuals and to support their local artists. 



In our effort to showcase local art, we’re happy to have partnered with another young-spirited brand that shares our core principles; a commitment to sustainability and the drive (pun intended ;) to innovate their sector. For those who haven’t heard about Cool, it’s a ride-pooling service that’s “like splitting a taxi fare with people booking the same ride.”  

Every week we're going to give away a print by one of the creatives featured in the project.


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